"My whole wretched life swam before my weary eyes, and I realized no matter what you do it’s bound to be a waste of time in the end so you might as well go mad."

— Jack Kerouac, On the Road  (via loveless-people)

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"You have to understand when it hurt to love her, it hurt the way the light hurts your eyes in the middle of the night, but I had to see."

— Andrea Gibson (via loveless-people)

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"I’m finished loving broken things; broken hearts, broken people. Grab a broken glass and press it’s jagged edges up against your chest. How does it feel? Warm? Gentle? Love is a cheap word, a cheap, cheap word that’s been stickered onto my tongue and peeled off by the first person to have looked at me in the eyes and smiled. Press the glass closer. Feel its sharpness against your skin. Feel it squeeze its way into your pores and draw blood on impact. Feel its broken points dig into you like the fingertips of a lovers touch. That’s love. Keep urging that glass into you. Now smile and laugh and say you’re happy. That you’ve never felt happier in your whole entire life. Lodge that glass so deep in between your ribs that it punctures your heart. Tell me you’re in love. I dare you."

— unknown (via loveless-people)

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"And if there’s one thing in this world I’ve ever known for sure, it’s that this girl is gonna crush me like a small bug, leave me so fucking broken there’ll be body bags beneath my eyes from nights I cried so hard the stars died. But I’m like, go ahead. I’m all yours. I would kiss you in the middle of the ocean during a lightning storm, cause I’d rather be left for dead than left to wonder what thunder sounds like."

—  Andrea Gibson (via loveless-people)

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"I will love you until the chances of us running into one another slip from slim to zero, and until your face is fogged by distant memory, and your memory faced by distant fog, and your fog memorized by a distant face, and your distance distanced by the memorized memory of a foggy fog.
I will love you no matter what happens to you, and no matter how I discover what happens to you, and no matter what happens to me as I discover this, and now matter how I am discovered after what happens to me as I am discovering this."

— Lemony Snicket, The Beatrice Letters  (via loveless-people)

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"I became so accustomed to feeling lost that any time someone gave me a sense of belonging, I felt the need to leave them. Now the absence of what was once there makes my bones ache."

i do it to myself (via writurs)

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I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine.

You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped.


— Fritz Perls (via loveless-people)

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"I say what other people only think, and when all the rest of the world is in a conspiracy to accept the mask for the true face, mine is the rash hand that tears off the plump pasteboard and shows the bare bones beneath."

— Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White (via loveless-people)

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"Do you ever feel that way?"
I search for the words. “Restless. As if you haven’t really met yourself yet. As is you’d passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt - ‘Ah! There I Am! I’ve been missing that piece!’ But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. And you spend the rest of your days looking for it."

— Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing  (via loveless-people)

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"You’re still my person, even if I’m not yours."

— Grey’s Anatomy (via loveless-people)

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